10 practical techniques to build authority, earn respect, and drive client transformation

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Introducing The Authoritative Coaching Session Toolkit, a transformative 10-step program designed to dramatically enhance your coaching effectiveness.

This comprehensive toolkit provides you with essential techniques to build authority, earn respect, and drive significant client transformation.

Discover how to eliminate weak language that undermines your authority, master the art of setting up world-class coaching environments, and effectively manage time to keep every session impactful and engaging.

In the dynamic field of coaching, commanding respect and maintaining engagement are crucial for fostering client growth and ensuring successful outcomes.

With The Authoritative Coaching Session Toolkit, you will learn to optimise both in-person and virtual settings, create clearer communication, and leverage cutting-edge AI tools for distraction-free sessions.

Elevate your coaching, amplify your influence, and witness the transformative impact on your clients' engagement and results.

Take the first step to becoming an authoritative coach today and lead your sessions with confidence and strategic insight.

What do I get? 

  • 10 weekly online lessons - video, audio and text (Available to download and keep)
  • 3 live online group calls - May, June and July (Recorded and available on demand)
  • Tools, resources, frameworks, worksheets, and PDF downloads (Available to download and keep)


...FREE annual membership to The Authoritative Coaching Community worth £199

I will also give away FREE annual memberships to my community worth £199 - making this program essentially free! 

  • ✅ On Mondays, you'll receive a video and prompt from Chris to prepare you for your Critical Conversations this week.
  • ✅ On Fridays, Chris records his private video podcast and shares insights and lessons from this week's business coaching sessions.
  • ✅ Join the 'Turning Works into Words' Book Club. Every month Chris chooses a personal favourite book that will help you develop your coaching art and craft. We meet online once a month as a group to discuss how we will implement what we've learned.

PS. If you are already a member or a private client, you will get this course as part of your membership.

What's the deal?

  • Limited to 50 spaces
  • Deadline for securing your space: Friday 10th May
  • First lesson: Tuesday 14th May
  • Immediate access to the TAC community
  • £249 - Individual and team pricing available
  • Bonus: Includes a FREE annual membership worth £199

Is this a good fit for me? 

  • Do you work directly with clients? 
  • Are you a coach, a consultant, an account manager, project manager? 
  • Do you work for yourself, or are you a team member in an agency or consultancy? 
  • Do you work in HR, marketing, graphic design, accounting or consulting? 
  • Do you want to make a more significant impact with your client sessions? 
  • Do you want more respect and authority? 

If so, this program is for you. 

What will I learn? 

  1. Are You Accidentally Diminishing Your Authority? Banishing Weak Words to Command Respect and Influence
  2. Ahead of the game: Setting the conditions for world-class coaching sessions
  3. Command Your Virtual Space: Zoom Settings for Enhanced Authority and Client Engagement
  4. On Time, On Point: Commanding Authority by Owning the Clock
  5. The Authoritative Start: Mastering the First Moments of Every Coaching Session
  6. Closing with Authority: Ending Coaching Sessions with Clarity and Momentum
  7. Client conversation container: Create more clarity and control in your coaching sessions
  8. Commanding respect: The strategic art of authoritative session naming
  9. Set the pace: The impact of having the highest energy in the room
  10. Elevating Authority with AI: The Art of Distraction-Free Coaching

"I don't have enough time for another course!"

I totally get it. You're already busy. That's why my weekly lessons will be short, punchy and direct. I haven't got time to waste on fluff either - everything I'm sharing with you is immediately applicable to work with your clients.

I'm also making everything available for you to download and keep forever so you can return to the tools and resources at your convenience. 

"What makes Chris qualified to teach this?"

With over ten years and thousands of hours in coaching experience, I've transformed 7 & 8-figure businesses, crafted an 18-month coaching program from scratch, and successfully sold 6-figure coaching programs tailored to high-performing businesses.

As the author of 'Become an Authoritative Coach,' I now coach other coaches, amplifying their impact and equipping them with the tools to elevate their clients' lives and businesses. 

"I've read your book 'Become an Authoritative Coach.' Will I still find value in your Coaching Session Toolkit?"

While my book lays a solid foundation by detailing essential coaching strategies, the Coaching Session Toolkit goes several steps further. 

It introduces mostly new content that isn’t covered in the book, including updated tools and resources that I've never published before. 

The toolkit's practical nature allows you to immediately implement what you've learned directly into your coaching sessions. Whether you're a newcomer to my work or a seasoned reader, the Toolkit is designed to complement the book and significantly enhance your coaching effectiveness through interactive learning and real-time application. 

This isn't just a reiteration of the book; it’s an opportunity to engage with the material on a deeper, more actionable level, making it a worthwhile investment even if you're familiar with the concepts discussed in "Become an Authoritative Coach."

"I already have a business coach, will this program still work for me?"

Here's a key insight I've gained from over a decade of working with diverse organisations:

While your current coach brings immense value in their areas of expertise, my Authoritative Coaching Session Toolkit is designed to complement and enhance that by focusing specifically on improving the dynamics of your client interactions.

This isn't about replacing your current coach but adding a specialised layer to ensure your client sessions are as effective and impactful as possible.

Why consider this program?

  • Targeted focus: We zero in on the nuances of your client meetings—whether on Zoom or in-person—equipping you with strategies to handle difficult conversations, set up successful sessions, and build your authority.
  • Complementary skills: This program is meant to enhance, not overlap, what your current coaching setup offers. It's about making you indispensable by elevating how you engage and influence your clients.
  • Team development: Perhaps you're not the one who needs this training right now. Consider whether your team could benefit from these skills, helping them become more confident and competent. This, in turn, reduces friction and frees you up to focus on other strategic areas.

Here's what others are saying about working with Chris

"I learned how to better structure my communication with prospects and clients, how to reduce weak language to be a more effective communicator, and how to embrace every communication as an opportunity to further educate my audience" - Kaitlyn Pintarich, Owner and President, Berry Insurance 

"Chris helped me improve my communication, including asking questions when working with customers. He has enabled everyone at AES to become a better communicator, a key to connecting and knowing our customers better than anyone else in our market. I am incredibly grateful for his coaching style and his help in helping me improve as a leader.” - Jim Scultz, Founder and CEO, Applied Educational Systems (AES) 

"His experience and guidance has been profound both personally and professionally. If there’s one thing Chris wants for you, it’s to succeed in life and business. He brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to the table like no other. He listens and cares deeply. He’ll challenge and support you to your greatest. If you want to achieve incredible things that you didn’t even think were possible - Chris is exactly who you should be working with.” - Nicola Crawford, Sales and Marketing Director, Gillies and Mackay 

Are you ready to get started? 

Here's a quick reminder of the important details: 

  • Limited to 50 spaces
  • Deadline for securing your space: Friday 10th May
  • First lesson: Tuesday 14th May
  • Immediate access to the TAC community
  • £249 - Individual and team pricing available
  • Bonus: Includes a FREE annual membership worth £199

Sign up today and let's do something great together! 

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Starting at £249 (Individual and team pricing available)
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